7 Ways to Stretch Your Travel Budget

7 Ways to Stretch Your Travel Budget, Money is one of the keys (if not the only key) to happiness. When you travel abroad and you run out of cash, the travel turns out to become very boring and bizarre. That’s why you need to plan your travel very well and make sure you have a good budget. Nevertheless, we are here to share some handy tips on how you can stretch your budget so you don’t become broke and not enjoy your travel. These tips will help you a lot, and you’d be glad you followed them.

How to stretch your travel budget

1. Good planning

When you make a good plan, everything becomes much easier and seamless all through. Yea, when you make a good plan and stick to it; you’ll most likely not experience any anomalies all through your travel period. However, how do you make a good plan? We have extensively written about that in your previous articles.

2. Check out for discounted flight offers

If you’re planning to travel by air, then, it is advisable that you sign up on various platforms where you can access discounted flight ticket offers. Also, since many people travel during weekends, maybe you should consider traveling during midweek when flight costs will likely be cheaper than it would be on weekends.

3. Maybe you should skip hotels?

Booking accommodation in hotels can be very expensive in some states and countries. If you’re on a budget, maybe you should skip hotels and go for hostels or guest houses. Obviously, hostel accommodation is cheaper than hotels and can save up a lot to use in other aspects of your travel.

4. Road travel can be cheaper for intra-country vacations

If your destination is within your country, instead of booking for flights, maybe you should go by road transportation means. Road transportation is also comfortable and it is cheaper than booking flights. But if you’re able to get a good flight deal, you can still go with that.

5. Use public transportation

We understand that you want to feel comfortable and savor the new environment you found yourself, but booking cabs and other premium transportation means can be very expensive in urban cities. You will rather save a good amount of money if you ply public transportation in the new city/country.

6. Stick to your travel plan

Even though at a point you may want to check out new stuff and try some new things, if you’re a budget, it is advisable not to act or spend outside your already defined travel plan. You can still come back to this city next time with a bigger budget, then, you can try out those new things you want to do.

7. Haggling is not a crime

Nobody is ever going to arrest you for haggling when you get to the market. Don’t be afraid to haggle prices with these market people; some of them would purposely want to sell things to you at ridiculously high prices, and if you don’t haggle with them, they’d cheat you.