Best Travel Packing List

When planning a trip, one of the hectic things you will do is to pack all your gears. Sometimes you notice that all the gears you need for a trip won’t fit into your portable backpack or duffel, which makes you start looking for big bags. Well, sometimes, when you carefully arrange your gears, irrespective of how big they are, your portable travel bag is roomy enough to contain all of ‘em.

Also, asides trying to get all your travel gears into your backpack, another important thing to note about traveling is that you need an expert travel packing list. When you follow a professionally-crafted travel packing list, you’ll surely get to include everything you need for your trip into your pack.

Some people have frequently forgotten important gears, travel documents, and other important stuff that should have been included in their packing list.

Nevertheless, what should be included in your travel packing list depends on the type of travel you’re planning to embark on. The best travel packing for business will be totally different from the packing list for a holiday, and so it differs depending on the travel purpose.

Well, irrespective of the type of travel your about to embark on, these gears are necessary.

The Best Travel Packing List

1. Your visa/passport 


Have you ever forgotten your passport at home? If you’ve experienced that, definitely you won’t want to have such an experience again. Make sure your Visa/Passport is among the first items to get into your bag Furthermore, you can include your Diary

2. Inner wears


This includes your undies and other clothes you do wear inside.

3. Casual clothes

After your inners wear, next is to start getting in your casual outfits. It would be best if you only packed the clothes you actually need.

4. Gears for your electronic devices


Now you should start packing in your phone chargers, power banks, and other mobile device gears, which include earphones and headphones.

5. Socks and sweaters

You should include your socks and sweaters if you’re traveling during the winter period.

6. Water bottle(s)

Make sure you stay hydrated always, don’t forget your water bottle when traveling

7. Toiletries

This includes your towel, toilet tissues, toothpaste and toothbrush/mouth wash, shower cap, hair creams, soap/body wash, razor, etc.

8. Your medications

Travel drug

If you’re having some health issues, don’t forget to pack in your medications and note down the prescriptions.

9. GPS or map

Install a GPS app on your device or buy a map. This will help you explore more places when you get to your destination.

10. A camera


We know you have a smartphone that has a good camera; however, traveling with typical DSLR cameras will add to give you the best travel experience. Also, add your camera charger into your travel bag.

11. Maybe you need a first-aid kit

A first aid box is an optional item you can add to your travel packing list. It is, however, important to add a first aid kit if you aren’t feeling secure enough.

After these items, you can add more items to your list. These are merely the core things you shouldn’t forget.

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