How to plan a Trip with Big Group

It’s different when you’re planning a trip alone and when you’re planning with a big group. Unlike a personal trip, everyone in the big group would make a suggestion, and in most cases, everyone’s opinion has to be listened to. Planning a group trip can be very rowdy in the process; however, if planned very well, group trips are typically the best because there’d be lots of gist, jokes, and other fun stuff. Also, you’ll always see a companion walk around with you. A well-planned group trip is very interesting and worthwhile; thus, here’s how to plan a trip with a big group.

7 Steps on How to plan a trip with a big group

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1. Get a leader

First things first, planning a group trip would never work out if there is no appointed leader who is to oversee everything. Though it can be tricky to appoint a leader as two or more people would be interested in becoming the group’s leader. Nevertheless, a leader can be selected by internal elections by the group members, recommendation, the highest supported person in the group, or through other ways. Once a leader is appointed, he/she should be able to control the planning processes and ensure that everything for the trip is available or attended to.

2. Set up a committee

The task would be much on the leader if it’s just him/her. Thus, it is also advisable to set up a somewhat committee that would assist the leader in the planning. This committee would comprise of different individuals that would be channeled to specific tasks.

For example; in the committee, there should be someone to care for the accommodation of everyone in the group, there should be someone to oversee feeding, another person should take charge of the group’s welfare, and so on.

Once these individuals have been appointed, they’ll work with the leader to ensure that everything goes smoothly and very well. Setting up this committee is very important for a trip with a big group because quite a lot of things need to be considered.

3. Create a platform for remote interactions

Maybe the members of your group are not living in the same location, how would you effectively reach out to everyone about the latest update as regards the group trip? Thanks to IM platforms, it is easier to create a medium (group chat) where every member of the group will be added and vital information can be shared with everyone at the time. The Telegram, WhatsApp, or FB Messenger app can help out with this step.

However, your group can decide to step up and use software solutions such as TeamViewer or AnyTrans if the trip is a big one that requires huge team contributions, et al. These remote platforms will help to improve collaboration among the members of the group. More so, everyone involved will be abreast of every decision, development, or need to make the group travel a successful and memorable one.

4. Set a feasible budget

This is the most critical point when planning for a group trip or travel. Your group needs to come up with a budget that will cover every possible expense for the trip. Now, being that different people spend their money in different ways, it would be a bit challenging to get everyone to agree on a specific budget. However, this is where the appointed committee and leader of the group would play vital roles.

First, someone has to confirm the accommodation fee for all the group members, welfare, and other things that require money payment. The main expenses when planning a group trip are accommodation and transportation to/fro the destinations. Other expenses can be optional and not everyone in the group may want to participate in all. Nevertheless, everything must be done transparently and with the consent of every member of the group.

If the leader has an influential personality, he/she can get all the members of the group to agree on a budget easily.

5. Plan group activities during the trip

You guys can plan to have group games during the trip, or some other activities to make your trip more fun. Your group can decide on quite a lot of things to engage with while away on the trip; these can be visits to landmarks, games, and other things. It’s more fun and safer when we do things in groups and we know everyone in the group.

Interestingly, if your group is a very big one, you guys can split into parties and engage with some tasks to see which is the best sub-team. It’s all crazily fun and full of humor when everyone in the group cooperates and engages with the group’s activities.

6. Book a flight

Now that every preparation has been put in place, next is to push on with the trip. However, before booking a flight, every member of your team must have agreed on a particular destination. With the consent of every member of the group, book a flight for everyone.

However, before booking a flight with an airline, your group’s committee should compare a couple of options, and then settle for the best pick.

Alternatively, if your destination is not very far, maybe you guys should consider traveling by train or hire an SUV (Van) that can contain all the group members.

7. Get prepared on time

Since you’re traveling with a big group and the flight date has been scheduled, you should start to prepare before the time. Get a duffel or a sturdy, roomy backpack to pack all your gears. Make sure you include all your gears including the following;

  • Smartphones
  • Shoes
  • Clothes
  • Special gears
  • Kits
  • Sportswear
  • Water bottle (optional)

And other gears.

What more?

Set a reminder 24 hours to the time of your group flight. Also, set an alarm to wake up 4 hours to the actual time you’re supposed to leave for the trip. This will allow you to have much time to organize yourself and your gears before and get set for the intriguing moments ahead.

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