How to Save Money on Hotels,Hostels & Home Rentals

Accommodation is one of the most expensive things that take a huge part of your general budget when you travel to new cities. That’s why most people compare prices of living in hotels, hostels, guest houses, and rented apartments. Well, sometimes, living in rented apartments or houses can be more expensive than living in a hotel. Nevertheless, literally, living in hostels is the cheapest option you can get. We have outlined some tips that can help you save money on hotels and rented rooms when you travel to new destinations.

Tips On How to Save Money on Hotels


Before we go on, there are things to consider; they include;

  • Security of the location
  • Duration of your visit
  • Your budget
  • Business purpose

Having the above points in mind, it is easier to know how to save some money, yet getting comfy accommodation.

1. Try alternatives?

If you’re staying for a long time, some hotels give discounts when you spend up to a week, and more discounts if you keep staying after the first week. However, hotels in some cities can still be very expensive even with their discount offers. Thus, you may have to go for hostels or guest inns where you can pay way cheaper than hotels and still get a comfortable accommodation space with all that is included.


On the other hand, you can find inexpensive hostels on There are quite a lot of good hostels you may like and the prices are quite cheaper than what you pay in hotels. More interestingly, allows you to read reviews and view the amenities of different beautiful hostels in your chosen location.

What about campgrounds?

Yes, if you’re on a short journey, there are some good campgrounds that have good amenities to make you comfortable all the while you stay. Camping is even preferable for some people; however, if you’re traveling for business purpose, campgrounds are not an advisable place to book for an accommodation

2. Rented rooms

Now, this is for people to visit a particular city more often. If you frequently travel to a location, you’ll definitely be spending much on booking for hotel reservations every time you visit the city. Thus, it is advisable to rent an apartment. You can pay for 1-year rent for a convenient; most times, this is cheaper than having to pay for hotel bookings consistently when you visit the city. Even with the discounts offered by hotels to returning customers, renting an apartment can be cheaper, in most cases.

3. Follow up deals on hotel bookings

If you use apps to book reservations, sometimes, you can get mouthwatering discount offers to book for hotel accommodations. Such deals can help you save a lot. More so, you can stick to Groupon and Living Social, and deal-of-the-day websites for this purpose.

4. Revisit the same hotels

Another way to save money on hotels when you travel is to re-visit the same hotel you used the last time. Most hotels offer great discounts for returning customers.