How to Travel Safely During COVID-19 Pandemic

How to travel safely during the COVID-19 pandemic, The world is experiencing what is seen as the worst health emergency situation for some decades now. COVID-19 pandemic has turned to a global concern, as well as affect how people travel for business or vacations. Many countries have shut down their borders to restrict international flights from entering into their states. However, this border shutdown is expected to last for a couple of weeks, after which the borders will be open for foreigners. Now, the big question is – how can you stay safe while traveling during this coronavirus pandemic? This article treats a few handy tips that provide succinct answer(s) to that question.

How to travel safely during COVID-19 pandemic

How to Travel Safely During COVID-19 Pandemic

Firstly, you should buy nose masks, hand gloves, and then hand sanitizers. If you’re traveling within a country during these times, here are things to do to stay safe.

Avoid public transport

Obviously, you cannot control what would happen on a public transport vehicle; the driver may not care to adhere to the government rules on transportation. Also, you aren’t sure the public transport car is disinfected. A lot of things to consider here. Thus, it is advisable to avoid public transports this period.

Move with the recommended gears

Always wear your hand gloves and Nose mask. More so, it is advisable to keep a hand sanitizer close by. If you can, get a respirator and keep it close by, too; this helps most especially when you are traveling with other passengers in the same car.

Disinfect your Car or Motorbike

You should always disinfect your car, both inside and outside. Most especially, those places you often touch frequently, which include the door handles, side mirror, the hand brake, dashboard, etc. Don’t forget to always clean and disinfect your steering wheel and gearstick.

If you’re above 75, please stay back at home

The COVID-19 seems to have a great impact on aged adults, especially those that been diagnosed with severe ailments in the past. So, the best advice for aged adults is to stay back at home until the whole thing comes to a halt.

Check the rate of coronavirus spread in the area you wish to travel to

Before you start heading to a location, ensure that you check out how this pandemic is affecting the region. How fast does it spread in the area, and what is the current number of positive cases in the location. When you have researched and discovered that the new location has a higher number of positive cases than your current location, it is advisable that you sit back where you are.

COVID-19 Healthy Tips

  • Travel alone in your car (private car)
  • Avoid crowded gatherings and practice social distancing; keep up to 1.5 meters away from people around you
  • If possible, dispose of the nose masks and hand gloves once you’re back to the house
  • Always disinfect your car, home, and surroundings
  • Minimize the number of times you go out
  • Always keep in touch with the latest news regarding this pandemic and ensure you adhere to the safety tips from medics.

Stay Safe, Stay At Home!!!

All will soon return to normal in a short while, we BELIEVE!

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