How to Travel with Pets

Traveling with a pet is a bit more stressful than traveling along with a human partner. This not because pets are stubborn, but you just need to be more careful. When you travel you your pet, you need to go along with some pet gears. Also, asides traveling with your pet’s gears, there are some things you should seek to know; such as, if pets are allowed in your destination, and how pets are being treated in that location. Nevertheless, here are tips on how to travel safely with pets; whether it’s a dog pet or cat pet.

How to travel with pets on a plane


When you’re traveling by air to your destination, give heed to these tips and you’ll travel safely with your lovely pet.

First things first, you need to get a cabin for your pet. Getting your pet into a cabin is most likely the safest way to travel along with the pet on a plane. There are obviously a lot of risks your pet will be exposed to when you travel by air; most especially, animals with “pushed in” faces (medically termed is “brachycephalic”). Such animals include pugs, bulldogs, and Persian cats. These animals have short nasal passages, which leaves vulnerable to oxygen deprivation and possibly heat stroke.

On the other hand, mostly, animals (pets) are typically kept in the cargo hold when their owners travel by plane. While the cargo areas of some airplanes are fine, reports have it that some animals die during flights due to certain circumstances they face in the cargo area, such as rough handling, excessively hot or cold temperatures, as well as poor ventilation.

However, interestingly, most airlines allow traveling with a cat or small dog in a cabin; you may have to pay an additional fee for the pet. But if your pet is a big one (let’s say, a big Dog pet), then, you should ask the airline how they transport big pets.

So how do you travel with pets on a plane?

Number One:

Firstly, check the airline’s policies when planning your travel with your pet. Make sure the airline supports traveling with small pets in a cabin, and also ask questions for more clarification.

Number Two:

Read the policies and laws that oversee the welfare of pets in your destination. Different countries, states, and locations have different laws guiding pets.

Number Three:

Only small pets can be carried in a cabin. Cats, small dogs, and rabbits are the best pets to put in a cabin. This is because the cabin should allow your pet some space to stand and turn during the travel.

Number Four:

Some airlines would require a recent health certificate and immunization records of your pet and this must come from a vet. Know that there are different guidelines depending on the health state of your pet.

Number Five:

Always try to use direct flights when you travel with your pet; this will minimize the possible mistakes that do occur during airline transfers. Also, direct flights reduce delays so you can get to your destination on time.

More so, try to see that you’re the same flight with your pet, and if the pet is to be kept at the cargo hold; kindly ask the airline if you can watch your pet being all the time.

Number Six:

Inform a flight attendant that you’ve got a pet on board the plane. The flight attendant should inform the pilot about this; some pilots, when informed that a pet is on board and on the cargo hold, they take special precautions.

Number Seven:

Please don’t accept to keep your brachycephalic pet in the cargo hold, and be considerate of weather conditions/temperatures.

Number Eight:

Avoid overfeeding your pet before the travel; at least the pet shouldn’t within four hours to the time of take-off.

Finally, when you get off the plane, pay serious attention to your pet; especially when it’s a long travel.

How to travel with pets on cars

Unlike flight travels, it’s not really stressful traveling with your pet in a car; especially when the car is yours. However, it is advisable to get your pet to familiarize yourself with short distance road travels before taking it along on a long trip.

So how do you travel safely with pets on road trips?

Get some pet travel gears

pet gear

There are some gears you need to get if you’re traveling with a pet on a car; such as a pet bed, toys, and some other gears. These gears will help to keep the pet comfortable and engaged all through the journey.

Keep the windows closed or get a pet car window fence

It is most advisable to keep the windows closed. But if you must open the windows or sunroof, then you need to get a “pet car window fence.” This gear protects your pet from jumping out of the car for whatever reason when the car window is open. This way, your pet will enjoy interesting “clear” views as you guys travel.

Get a pet seat belt (optional)

It is not compulsory to wear your pet a seat belt, but that can be very important, you know? When your pet is wearing its seat belt, there’s no way the pet would distract your driving and run around the car.

Don’t keep pets on the front seat

Don’t make the mistake of keeping your pet next beside you on the front seat. Reserve the front seat for a human buddy and keep the pet at the back seat.

Trucks, not advisable

Well, if you have a truck, it’s advisable not to leave your pet at the open back of the truck.

Always leave the car with your pet

Except you’re alighting to pick up a snack and get back to the car immediately, it is not advisable to leave pets inside the car for so long.

Finally, when you get to your destination, attach a leash or collar to your pet and keep it close to you at all times.

What more?

Most importantly, travel along with a first-aid kit containing tools to attend to emergency situations.